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11 Jan
Kitchen Remodeling

When most of us envision our future kitchens, the word ‘small’ really does not come into play. The sad reality is that most of us will end up buying homes that have tiny kitchens with little space for our appliances, cramped working areas, and less than appealing countertops. United Cabinet Store has developed some ingenious ways to help you embrace your small kitchen and make the most of out of it.

First, when you are remodeling the kitchen ensure that the contractors paint the cabinets the same color as the kitchen walls. When these two have the same color, then you are effectively eradicating visual boundaries that make your kitchen look smaller. Pale colors are a safe option as they reflect the light and make the room look significantly bigger. Dark colors are also a good choice as they create the illusion that the walls are farther back than in reality, which makes it look like there is more space in the kitchen.

Secondly, it is advisable to replace any solid cabinet doors with glass doors. Glass, being transparent, allows the viewer to see through all the way to the back making the kitchen look more expansive. The glass doors also lighten the cabinetry in the room making it look bigger and more transparent. Ensure that you place the right dishes and cutlery in the cabinets to enhance the effect created by the glass cabinet doors.

Thirdly, select furnishings that do not demand too much space on the kitchen floor. Such furnishings include small kitchen islands, narrow tables, thin chairs, and stools. Avoid furniture that has thick legs or thick bases that ultimately add on to visual bulk and make your kitchen look crowded.

Lastly, introduce open shelving to some parts of your minimalist kitchen. The open shelves give off the illusion that the kitchen is more expansive than it actually is. Some designers recommend you select floating shelves for a better look over the shelves with brackets.


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