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08 Mar


Kitchen islands are a trending commodity in all the latest kitchen news. They are a big hit with homeowners who are remodeling their kitchens because of the extra ton of storage space that they come with.  In addition, they provide a great place to sit and entertain, as well as open up more workspace in the kitchen. United Cabinet Store is here to help you choose the right island style by providing you with some basic information on some of the popular styles in the market.

Circular Islands

Circular kitchen islands provide a touch of sophistication to your kitchen. They can go full circle if you have the space, or they can just be a semi-circle. The main advantage of this kitchen island is that it is unique, which means that most of your guests will be in awe when they come over your house for dinner. Another huge advantage is the additional seating area, which can comfortably accommodate more than four people. It is an excellent choice if you entertain a lot in your house. In addition, it contains a lot of space that you can use as a prepping station for your meals.

The curve of the counter can affect the way you cook, and the circular shape is not always efficient for storing and prepping activities. The storage areas can also be difficult to access, and may require a lot of bending and reaching.

Rolling Islands

This is a perfect solution if you do not have the space for a permanent kitchen island. Their main advantage is that they are versatile. You can pull them up when you are entertaining or cooking, and put them aside when you are done. They are also extremely affordable.

The disadvantages of rolling islands include the fact that there is hardly any room for storage in the island. In addition, their small size means there is less counter space to work on.


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