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22 Feb


A windowless bathroom can make the room seem a little claustrophobic. There is hardly any natural light seeing through, or a view of the outside world. If you are remodeling a windowless bathroom, you can use some of these tips from United Cabinet Store, to brighten the room significantly.

Embrace Glass

If you do not have a window in your bathroom, then you should avoid using materials that absorb light instead of reflecting it. Glass, Lucite, mirror, and polished metal are perfect materials to be used in a windowless bathroom. They add drama and interest in the bathroom, and make the entire space uniform. Use a glass shower door rather than a shower curtain for more openness.

Go White!

White paint on the walls, white tiles, and white cabinetry, are all great ways of reflecting light in a windowless bathroom. White works even better than a mirror in several instances. You do not have to re-paint your bathroom walls white. You can spare the bank by introducing white accessories such as a white rug, white tiles, or a white picture frame.

Have many mirrors

Along with the white in the bathroom, you should incorporate mirror elements throughout the space, especially in unexpected places. Mirrors placed near the ground can help expand the floor making it look bigger and longer than it actually is.  In addition, having a mirror that covers the entire wall or at least half of it will create the impression of a brighter room, as well as a more expansive space. Another brightening tip is to layer a second mirror over a larger one to create a friendlier atmosphere.

Create the illusion of a window

Add features that trick the eye and the mind that there is a window in the room. For instance, you can place a bathroom shade in front of a blank wall. Such shades are usually closed, and people will naturally assume that there is a window behind the shade.


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